Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grieving Loss of Pet ~ Heartbreak At Home

"Noni, inside I know it's over, you're really gone. It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing that I can do. Noni Noni I stay in love with you! It cuts so deep. It hurts down to my soul. I ain't the same no more. Can't get over you now no matter what I do. Noni Noni, I'll stay in love with you." M.Carey ~ Mommy
Last night for the first time in seven years, my dearest friend, our uncommonly beautiful rescued Rottweiler, Noni was not at my heels to follow me up to bed. He'd passed away in his sleep the previous morning. I discovered his lifeless body and was inconsolable with grief.

Losing a family member is never easy. And while thoughtful, words from well meaning friends and family just seem inadequate. As morning comes ~ your feet touch the floor without the pitter-patter of precious paws that for so long have surely followed.

Your finger tips and palms long for the touch of soft velvety ears just once more. And your body aches to feel your friend brushing slowly by you. Wet nose kisses and his soft tongue licking your chin are all but a distant memory. Just the thought of no more lingering walks in a park kissed by morning's dew, conjures up so much pain.

Heartfelt thanks for your calls, texts & beautiful messages. We know our Noni is in doggie heaven telling all the other pets how wonderful his life was and how loved he is. Lawrence and I are forever blessed to have experienced all that was our perfect Noni. Though we feel alone today, I keep hearing my heavenly father's comforting voice telling me, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you." And we encourage anyone experiencing extreme depression and difficulty coping with their loss, to immediately seek help through grief counseling provided by local churches, the Humane Society and Veterinarian Hospitals.

And we cordially invite you to make a donation to your local Humane Society today, to help a forsaken, forgotten pet feel loved ...Tell em' Noni sent you. (Find a link here.)

For those of us who know the devastating sorrow of losing a beloved pet, be encouraged to take comfort in the billions of tender moments of loving kindness you must have shared. Close your eyes and continue to see only the bounty of memories. Those memories will surely last a lifetime. ~ Rest In Peace Dearest Noni.

Remember to contact your Local Humane Society today, because this season and every season, some furry friend needs you now more than ever.


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